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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 28, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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i didn't do nothing to nobody. >> his 1-year-old son was shot in the neck and that's not all. why bay area police say this case is so unbelievable. two people killed in this freeway crash. why it's being blamed on a sandwich. a vision of high-tech and opportunity. why the bay area doesn't have
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to look very far to see so much potential in google's wearable computers. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm julie watts in for elizabeth cook. a 1-year-old baby shot in the neck while his grandma was feeding him. it happened this afternoon in richmond's iron triangle neighborhood. kpix 5 juliette goodrich is at children's hospital in oakland where the boy is in serious condition tonight. juliette goodrich, how is he doing? >> reporter: julie, 12-month- old elijah was in surgery all day today. doctors were actually removing bullet fragments from his neck. his family is here tonight in actual disbelief that their little baby was shot in a place where they considered safe, their home. >> i guess i'm lucky to have my son. >> reporter: the 12-month-old son elijah was sitting on the floor of the family's richmond apartment when he was shot in the neck by a stray bullet from somewhere outside. >> and my mom grabbed them, running into the kitchen. >> reporter: he was at work and
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rushed to the hospital. they were home feeding them when shots rang out. police say that the shooter was aiming a man in his 20s. elijah was hit by the wild bullet. >> reporter: what have the doctors told you? >> that he'll be fine, honestly. i guess there is some fragments in his neck. >> just unbelievable that the 1- year-old could be inside their home and be struck by gunfire. >> reporter: the shooter was on foot and took off running. the victim on the bicycle showed up later at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. >> i do believe that we are familiar with the victim that was on the bicycle. >> reporter: the city of richmond has had some success lowering their crime rate. the city currently has a cease fire program that involves an extensive network of community advocates, trying to stop the violence. >> but as you can see it only takes one individual with a gun
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to cause havoc. this is the kind of thing that is completely unacceptable. >> and you know they need more gun laws, the bottom line. this shouldn't happen. i didn't do nothing to nobody. i go to work and come home, you know? >> reporter: elijah's dad just came out of the hospital right now. he was actually smiling. i just asked him during his story how is your baby? he said he's actually doing well, julie. that's very good news tonight. but still even when elijah is released from the hospital and back home, the family says they don't feel like home is safe anymore. >> i don't blame them. was the intended target able to give police any information about the suspect? >> reporter: yeah, he was the one on the bicycle shot in the leg and went to the hospital. police have been questioning him and interacted with him in the past for one reason or another. they are hoping he'll release some information about this connection between the shooter and him if there is any connection at all. >> all right, juliette
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goodrich, thank you. well an ironic twist, today was national day of action to reduce gun violence. people in pal alto took it to the streets to reduce their voice for more gun control. the rally took off in middlefield road and university avenue. organizers say they support president obama's push to require universal background checks of the gun purchases. >> and a similar cause in san francisco as protesters rallied in front of their senator's office in support of the lawmaker's efforts against gun violence. investigators say that the mother of the sandy hook gunman gave her son money to buy another gun. the search warrants reveal that adam lanza had that check from his mother, along with 1,600 rounds of ammunition, samurai swords and guns at their homes. they scoured their home in december after killing his mother and drove to his former elementary school.
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there he killed 20 first graders and six staff members and then himself. >> the information doesn't help bring back dillon or any of the others who lost their lives that day. which is why i would rather focus on the changes that can come from this. >> meanwhile some families of the victims are featured in an anti-gun tv commercial that's running. the ad urges congress to act on gun control measures. reboiling that talk about banning the assault weapons after the connecticut school massacre? well that's not going to happen. even the house minority leader is saying as much. and so now what? well, pelosi sat down this afternoon with our reporter. >> if the votes aren't there for an assault weapon's ban, do you see that as a point to strengthen the call for background checks? >> well, i would like to see that there would be a vote for the assault weapon bans. but if the assault weapon bans are allowed to continue, it
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heightens the need for the strongest possible background checks. there should be no excuse for someone to say that we don't really need a strong background check bill because we've eliminated some of the dangerous weapons. after newtown and now all that we know, if we do not act upon that and have an effective strong background checks that do the jobs, shame on us. >> reporter: we have new details about the man charged with threatening to kill the state senator. this guy was armed to the teeth as police found 26 guns, thousands of bullets and high- capacity ammo mags at the santa clara home. and that is according to some search warrants unsealed today. police also found a destructive device that was blown up in the front yard. he was arrested in february as police say he was upset with them over their attempts to ban
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the assault weapons. two people were killed on i- 80 when the driver of a big rig lost consciousness and crashed into several cars. it happened just before 11:00 this morning near old davis road. it all started when the driver began choking on his food. >> reporter: investigators inspect the remains of the charred bmw and burned big rig, saying that the truck driver was driving eastbound on highway 118 when he started eating his sandwich and choked. >> something completely tragic. >> reporter: that's when the truck driver passed out, drifting into the right shoulder. >> and then came back across all on the eastbound lanes. while it was coming back across the eastbound lanes, it hit a white toyota corolla and a bmw station wagon. >> right around the time that it caught fire, killing two people inside the car. i-80 was immediately shut down, creating a back up several miles long. >> it was way longer than like
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what it normally would be. it took a real long time. >> reporter: so long that brandon brooks says that traffic was backed up so bad that some motorists were running near empty. >> we've had more customers on this thursday than what we have had when we spent here. there's been people coming in, stopping. and they went shopping. >> reporter: most of the lanes on i-80 opened up just after 5:00. they are hoping to have all the lanes closed by 2:00 once they finished that asphalt that was burning in the fire. two thieves are after just one thing at toy stores, ipods. hayward police released surveillance pictures of the suspects. detectives say their thing is the same, asking the sales clerk to see anipod. then when they work away, they push him, flash a gun and get away with an armload of ipods. latest robberies at this toys "r" us store in hayward two days ago.
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police are investigating if the same suspects robbed the toys "r" us here earlier that day and several other toy stores throughout the bay area lately. >> it is scary to even think that somebody is watching your home. >> a crime trend on the rise. why crooks see the trash cans as a sign of opportunity. and the futuristic features aren't the only appeal. how the bay area stands to benefit big time from google's sci-fi event. the radar tonight is dry, but there are charges coming, the decent dose of rain headed towards the bay area. we'll let you know when coming up and guess how little the snowfall there is in the sierra right now. the new snow pack numbers are in. and i'll add them for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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both fremont and newark police are warning people to bring in their trash cans after the garbage pickup. saying that the trash cans left in front of your house or driveway are signs to burglars that nobody is home. >> the bad guys kind of cruise the neighborhoods. if you kind of think about if there is 30 houses on the streets and everyone's garbage
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can is put away except for one house, pretty good indicator that person is not home from work for the day. >> yes, police are telling us that the crime trend is definitely on the rise. california could become the first state in the nation to charge a recycling fee on mattresses. two bills are making their way through the state capital to prevent scenes like this. mattresses dumped on the city's streets. the idea is to charge $25 per mattress as a recycling program reclaiming the springs wood, fibers, all of that from the old bed. but they are not taking the proposal line down. warning that higher prices for consumers, saying that it should be handed by the industry, not the government. well by now you probably heard about google's headpiece, the futuristic eye wear that is connected to the internet turns out that they will be manufactured right here in the bay area. kpix 5 on the silicone valley company that gets to put made in america stickers on google's
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glasses. >> reporter: google glass could soon be coming to you from a factory far, far away in santa clara. from this unassuming 53,000 square foot building. if the financial times report says that they will make the first run of google's glass in the first bay. the mayor tried calling google and fox con. >> no, we have not heard of anything official yet. we keep waiting for it to be announced. we're excited if they are ready to be here. >> reporter: their so-called wearable has a built-in camera, voice recognition and a video screen displaying information over your eyes. they make half the world's electronics for the big names like apple, samsung and other complexive devices like this to make sense. and it is only 15 minutes away from their headquarters. >> it is so important when you can have rnd and engineers and the factory floor if you will right there together.
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and those lines of communications, they exceed even what we can accomplish with skype and the other things. >> reporter: president obama talked about the return of manufacturing and named the bay area company in his state of the union address. >> this year we'll start making made in america again. >> reporter: only reported to make a few thousand google glasses for now. if ey want to ramp up production, santa clara has 3 million square feet made available. it's all good news with a grain of salt. >> although i would be disappointed, i'd be surprised if it doesn't happen. if it does happen, we'll welcome it here in santa clara. >> reporter: and those reports say the parts for google glass will be made outside the u.s. they will be shipped here and the units will be assembled at this particular location in santa clara, ken? >> yes, does it mean more jobs? are they going to hire people for this? >> reporter: that's a real good question. both google and fox con are being very tight lied. google saying they do not comment on rumor and
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speculations, so your guess is as good as mine. >> but buy the glasses. >> yeah. yes, just buy the glasses. >> all right, thank you. well san francisco's mayor ed lee cut the ribbon for the first new fire station in san francisco in more than 40 years. the state of the art fire house is located at folsom street. yes, it still has fire poles, but it features a low-energy system to reduce electricity consumption. it also has solar water heating units and technology that provides healthy indoor air quality. >> and i think that it is just a testament that we do value that fire department and leadership and all the men and women that serve it. >> reporter: the new station is a result of a public private partnership within the city and the museum of modern arts. the fire station was originally located in an old building. they needed to have space to expand when they agreed to move out of that old space.
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>> and mayor ed lee with an accident there. it is kind of scary. >> yes, we are not sure if they could read on into that because we have not seen a whole lot of it. >> not much of a snow shovel out there. we're about 48% below normal when it comes to the snow pack. they take the numbers once every month. one of the last times they're going to do it. video to show you folks that they are doing their thing about 97 different times in different parts of the sierra as they did this today. measuring about how much water will be on out there and how much snow is out there. let me show you the numbers. here is the final tally. back on the weather computer, 52% of normal snow pack. back on our weather computer. that's our snow pack update right now. the top of the year, 136% the snow pack. but right now we are only a little bit above half of normal. good news is that the reservoirs are full, but right now they say it's a problem. snow pack 52% of normal with a great shot here of the nearly full moon. this is from our camera on our rooftop. a different vantage point i
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want to show you from the twin peaks, looking down on the city as things are looking excellent right now with a beautiful view of our city. a little fog is possible on the peninsula tonight, but a mild night with lows in the upper 40s. vallejo is 48. concordat 48. san francisco 49. and redwood city at 44 degrees. radar for now is clear. it'll stay clear tomorrow and early on saturday. then late on saturday here comes some rainfall. we'll see it in our microclimate forecast as we'll be headed to the low hills for them with a mild day tomorrow. showers moving in late on saturday with the high of 68. we'll talk about why that shower activity is on the way and a big area of the low pressure off to the west. what they are going to do first is going to enhance the southerly flow from the warm flow of air for us as we will be warm and sunny tomorrow and because of this rainmaker. the rain is not here yet, but the warm air ahead of it will be. we'll call it the warm before the storm. that's what we'll get tomorrow. second half of saturday, that's when the rain will move in and it'll be here with the scattered showers on saturday and sunday and move right over
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on top of us. we could see some thunderstorms on sunday afternoon and on easter avenue. that'll move out from the top of next week and will dry out. but right now that will be one of the soggier weekends than what we have had for a while. highs in the 70s. getting here late on saturday and easter sunday with on and off rainfall throughout the day with a chance of a few late thunder boomers. how about 73 for livermore tomorrow. san jose 71. that's 4 degrees above average. san mateo and union city, all right around 69 to 70 degrees tomorrow. concord 73. walnut creek 74. livermore at 73 tomorrow. vallejo 71 is and low 70s likely in oakland, sonoma and san rafael. there's the rain moving in late tomorrow, it will be hopping inside. to let that get wet. we've got rain and thunderstorms on easter sunday as we will dry out by monday. monday through wednesday looking dry. another chance of rain on thursday. you can't get that rain all winter long. now it's easter sunday.
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we'll get that rain. >> and they will be adding that here during the day. >> it won't be a washout, but with a chance of thunderstorms if you hear thunder, that's my rule of thumb to keep the kids inside. always better to keep them safe as you can hear the thunder and you'll be close enough to get hit. maybe an easter egg hunt inside. sounds good. >> good advice. all right. students and families in san jose will march through the streets to celebrate. today marked the 20th year of the allen rock school district to honor the achievements of the labor leaders. chavez started the united farm worker unions to put hard working farm laborers in the nation's consciousness. >> it's the 20th anniversary of celebrating cesar chavez. we do this annually with the children fully being involved and the parents and the communities coming out and celebrating with us. >> yeah here in california his day is recognized as a state
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holiday on march 31. we have a high degree of tolerance for visitors from other galaxies. no problem. >> san jose's mayor showed forgiveness after the embarrassing slip in the tongue at the star war's exhibit. ,,,,
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well if you're from a galaxy far, far away it might be easy to confuse all the
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cities in california. the storm troopers, jeti nights and other characters were in the museum today. all part of the star wars traveling exhibition. the sound effects, thank you very much. the show has been on tour since 2005. the problem with that if you're the mc, it's not always easy to remember where you are. >> i would like very much to introduce you to the mayor of san diego. >> thank you san jose. thank you. >> good lord. >> i'm not from this galaxy, my apology. >> and we have a high-degree of tolerance from visitors from other galaxy, no problem. >> by the way mayor reid says he's a fan of the empire strikes back and the return of the jeti running through february of next year. the a's and giants will return to the bay area. i'm dennis o'donnell.
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robert greer guerrero arrested in new york. what he could be facing coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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four games on the tournament right now. sean miller used to coach xavier together with them here now at arizona. they are down 3 with under 30 seconds to go. but they get that ball back for the win. advancing to play wichita state in the elite 8. robert guerrero was arrested at kennedy airport
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in new york today after being declared for carrying an unloaded piston. he could face up to four years in prison, hello. facing the a's at at&t in the 4th inning, it's gone! a's win. before the game the giants announced that brian and bruce will be getting contract extensions. sharks fans getting a little nervous with the playoffs here. entering the second straight shutout as they currently have the 7th seed in the playoffs, finally playing good hockey. >> not looking all that great tonight then >> no, not great at all. his earned run average is now over 10. typically you would not worry about that as it is just spring training. and with lincecum it's different because he struggled all last year. >> yeah. >> could it be


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